Louie Taylor

Composer & Educator

Louie Taylor is a composer, educator and pianist, specialising in the music of Film, Video Games and TV, as well as the concert hall. His understanding and passion for music and media is practiced by writing and teaching music composition.

Currently, Louie is studying for a Bachelor of Art's degree in Music at the University of Bristol, and will go on and do a Master’s Degree in Composition afterwards. Louie has written music for over 10 short films, including Tide and Time, Empty Halls and Windswept, the latter of which he one an award at Dorset's Render Film Festival for Best Original Score. He has also written for several classical concerts, his most notable works from which, include Piano Trio in A Major, and Ashton Odyssey for Wind Quintet.

"Composing music is what makes me feel at peace, at my happiest and at my best. I hope to pass on and share what I have learnt and continue to learn to those who have a passion for learning and music themselves, as well as enriching like minded creatives’ projects with my music."